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Change the way you Live

Introducing The Effortless Way of Living

Say hello to the all new Picostone Smart Home. The first of its kind affordable Smart Home kit that keeps you connected to your Home all the time. Control, Monitor and Interact with your home from your couch or from halfway across the globe. Our Home grown products are designed and engineered to fit in any household, new or old and make lives Effortless.
Get you Effortless Starter Kit today at Rs.10,999 only

Your Life With Picostone

It's gonna be an experience

AC remote

7:00 AM

Change the way you wake up

Your Picostone Smart Home understands that a bright start to the day is very important for you to be at the top your game.It will wake you up in the most natural way possible so that you can literally start your day with the Sun.
Bid your not so always effective alarms farewell

AC remote

10:13 AM

Carry Your Switches on Your Phone

We made a survey and 43% of people admitted to often leaving their lights,ACs, Geysers on while leaving their Homes in the morning. It happens to the best of us, doesn’t it?
With the Picostone Smart Home, carry the control of all your appliances on your extended arm.It also notifies you if you’ve forgotten.
Hey! It’s a SMART home afterall

AC remote

4:12 PM

Never Touch Your Switches Again

All your Appliances including your Lights, fans , ACs, TVs, Set Top boxes can now be monitored from your Smart phone even when you are in office. Keep a tap on everything from one single app.The Picostone Smart Home gives you an user expereince like no other.

AC remote

8:33 PM

Pre-Cool your home

Summer has arrived, and you deserve to be welcomed Home to comfort after a long and tiring day, especially in a city like Mumbai.Who doesn’t love a little pampering? Get notified when you are just a few minutes away from Home and your Smart Home will start doing its job.

AC remote

9:45 PM

You can even talk to your Home

Got an Amazon Alexa smart assistant? All Picostone devices are compatible to work with Amazon’s Alexa. You can literally command your appliances to work to your voice.
This takes convenience to a completely different level, doesn’t it?
#DoMore with Alexa

AC remote

11:37 PM

Change the way you Sleep

A good night’s sleep is what everyone lives for, but the trivial tasks like waking up turning the AC or the fan on in the middle of the night does now allow you to have the sleep you deserve. The Picostone Smart Routines will take care of all these trivial tasks on it’s pwn, without disturbing you. Did we mention, it also helps you save energy?
Convenience and Savings! A sure win-win we would say

Gift yourself a new lifestyle

Take the first step towards a smarter home.Get your Picostone Smart Home upgrade today!

Why A Picostone Smart Home?


Always Stay Connected

We make your Homes Wifi Enabled. This gives you the power to control it from anywhere


Highly secure

256 bit -AES encryption of data for all inter-device communications. Also, Decide who can control your devices.


Quick installation

No rewiring or change in interiors needed. Upgrading your Home to a Smart Home is faster than ever before.


Complete Customisation

Set custom scenes, Create schedules and Routines, Add users, everything is completely under your control

The Effortless Starter

Experience the luxury of a Smart Home without digging deep into the pockets, with the Picostone Effortless Starter Kit you can convert your room into a Smart Room in just 15 minutes

  • - Club many functions in 1 tap
  • - Control your Ac, TV, STB, Home Theater Systems Etc. from anywhere in the world.
  • - 2 year Replacement Warranty and Quick Response Support for a peace of mind.
  • - Future Ready- All Future Picostone products compatible
  • - Start Living The Future with 15 Mins Installation
  • - Save energy the smart way and "Change the Way You Live"
  • - Control 4 switches, 1 Ac, 1 TV and 1 STB. Many lights, fans can be combined in 1 switch for more wider control.

1 Polar, 1 Basic and 3 IRIS for

Just Rs. 10,999 INCL 18% GST

Know More About

The Complete Home Kits

Want to upgrade your entire home to a smart Home? We've gor some amazing offers there as well

1BHK kit

  • 2 Air Conditioners
  • 2 Televisions
  • 2 Set Top Boxes
  • 12 Swithces
  • 1 Zeus A Master Controller Tablet


2BHK kit

  • 3 Air Conditioners
  • 3 Televisions
  • 3 Set Top Boxes
  • 16 Swithces
  • 1 Zeus A Master Controller Tablet


3BHK kit

  • 4 Air Conditioners
  • 4 Televisions
  • 4 Set Top Boxes
  • 20 Swithces
  • 1 Zeus A Master Controller Tablet


A Little About Us

Picostone is a Smart Home company based in Mumbai.We Innovate everyday to make your lives Effortless and Smart.Smart Homes are the future, and we aim at making them accessible and Convenient.

1500+ Homes Automated in 21 Cities Across India


It's time to expect more from your home